How to reduce inventory over the long term

The shooter technology for lean processes

How fast does the delivery of material on your production lines work? How many steps does this process take? And is this really value-adding?

Wouldn´t it make sense to replace this step with activities that have a direct impact on your profitability?

How much time and energy do you waste due to lack of space in the warehouse and on the assembly line? Can not this be optimized in the course of Lean Management?

Lean production at its best

The Shooter technology from FM Systeme guarantees you optimal material transfer, when it really matters.

Shooting in intralogistics refers to a technique for the automatic provision of material between the transport system and the supply shelf. By means of a mechanical docking device, the provisioning rack is automatically equipped with full load carriers when it comes into contact with the transport system, and its empty containers are removed again.

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The term Shooter alludes to the shot-like and precise transfer of the containers. Shot like the immediate transfer by mechanical action. Precise due to the precise design of the continuous systems including their roller conveyors.

More time and space for sustainable business

The shooter principle is based on the idea of lean management. It complies with the basic idea of "creating value without producing waste" and at the same time "reducing non-value-added activities (Muda)".

Lean production aims to keep stock levels as low as possible. The shooter technology accelerates the material supply and thus the production through the simultaneous loading and unloading of the shelving systems. Especially within fixed tugger trains, this benefit factor increases considerably. In turn, this steady flow of materials increases planning reliability in logistics, which saves time and associated costs.

Since manual loading and unloading is eliminated, there are fewer ergonomic risks in terms of injuries and resulting outages. No lifting of heavy loads, no bending over to remove empty containers. The motivation of the user is the logical consequence.

The mechanical principle of operation is so simple that low-maintenance operation with minimal downtime is guaranteed. The simple design allows high availability and flexibility to make adjustments quickly and according to requirements.

Customer-specific implementation through standardized construction

The Shooter System from FM Systeme equips shelving systems with a docking mechanism that can be controlled from the front or from the side. Depending on the requirement, the mechanism is used as a standalone system or on tugger trains. The flexibility of the ECO pipe connector system allows easy setups and adjustments, depending on customer requirements.

The "interior" of the shooter can carry various container volumes and sizes to provide material to different unloading points on its way through production.

A structure within track-consistent tugger trains with driverless transport systems? Everything is possible.

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