Are you looking for order and cleanliness in your workplace in vain? Are you interested in conserving scarce resources?

Then we have the solution: the "MyShadowboard" from FM SYSTEME.

The basic idea is based on design principles of lean production systems such as 5S, avoidance of waste and the zero-error principle.

Originally developed for production, MyShadowboards are today used to solve a variety of challenges. In addition to the use of tools, the Shadowboards are used as part of the material supply, to the completeness check in the order picking or as an order system in the office. Even emergency vehicles can transport particularly sensitive tools safely.

The absence of tools or parts is visualized by a two-color foam. The colored base layer throws the so-called "shadow" to the workpiece, whereby the black cover layer provides the important contrast to finding the missing parts.

The arrangement of the tools takes place individually, taking ergonomic aspects into account - specially tailored to your production process. Thereby, gripping paths are optimized and the body movement as well as hand movements of the users are spared.

To help you with your quality assurance, we offer a variety of different materials. Whether for protection against electrostatic discharge or the danger of lubricants - with us you will find the right material.

With the application of lettering and company logos, the individual shadowboard finally becomes your "MyShadowboard".

Your benefits in the near future / Efficiency across the board

  • avoiding waste by eliminating search effort
  • visualization of possible errors
  • ergonomic arrangement of the tools
  • joy in the workplace
  • Prevention of rejects through ESD protection
  • Increasing the life of tools
  • Increase of quality through frictionless production process


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