Experience since 1988


We are proud that our team of specialists develops good solutions to optimise production processes - each and every day, and always tailored to customers’ needs. Some of our milestones: 

FM Systeme Korea Ltd.

The constant quality assurance as well as the further development of the products from Korea, especially for ECO-pipes, is continued with the founding of FM Systems Korea Ltd. secured.


30 year company anniversary

The company is growing steadily and is celebrating its 30th anniversary with customers, partners and employees.


FM looks to the future

The expansion of the management team and the product areas continue to secure the strength and competence of FM Systeme. Always focussing on optimising production and logistics.


25 year company anniversary

The company workforce grows to 55 and celebrates the 25th company anniversary together.


The MyShadowboard

Instinct for innovation was displayed again in 2010 when the patented production process for "MyShadowboards" was launched. The milled foam mats are an easy way for keeping everything tidy and clean at the workplace. The perfect supplement for the workplace system and the ECO tube connector system.


"Lean" as a factor of success

Driven by the vision of anchoring the lean management philosophy in production in Germany too, the product area ‘ECO tube systems’ was integrated into the range. The combination of technical know-how, design strength and a simple tube system catapult design options to a new level.


Expansion of market position

Construction work is started on the company building in Eppingen which the company moved into in 2005. At the same time, FM Systeme also expanded its market position considerably. The subsidiary FM Systeme sarl was founded to improve supplies to our French customers.


Introduction of a new product area

Experience gained in customer projects is further developed into standardised concepts. This resulted in the ‘conveyor equipment’ and ‘automation & handling’ product areas.


Change of company name

FM Systeme as it is known today changed its official name to FM Systeme Förder- und Montagetechnik Schmalzhofer GmbH.


Everything from one source

The principle of an integrated view of production optimisation quickly established itself at FM Systeme. This paved the way for the development of the workplace system, protective fence system and automation & handling product areas that would follow in the years to come. The motto ‘everything from one source’ that still applies today became the trade mark of the company.



Development of the sales network

Thanks to continuous customer demand, FM Systems develops a nationwide sales network. This market proximity guarantees the company’s success in future years.


Development of own aluminium profile

Having analysed the market conditions, Rainer Schmalzhofer developed the first series of his own aluminium profiles. During this time the company grew to 10 employees and started earning itself a name in the market as a solution thinker. The workplace system production is continuously improved by means of ergonomic concepts.


Transition to a production company

The engineering office turns into a production company Concepts developed in-house are produced and assembled in rented space.


Formation of the FMT engineering office

Driven by the vision of developing a modular system for rationalising production facilities, Rainer Schmalzhofer founded the FMT engineering office on 01.01.1988.