The ECO-tube workshop

Become a qualified user in just two days

You will learn professional knowledge in the workshop in a very short time. You can then plan and implement projects independently in your own company.

The contents are addressed in depth based on the level of knowledge of the  participants. Be it beginners or professional, you will always receive optimised insider knowledge


Fit thanks to theory and practise

Theory is implemented in a practical project. This combination helps to internalize important design principles. You are given a complete overview - from the idea through to completion.

Also, you will see the enormous versatility of the ECO tube connector system by FM Systeme. In this way you can return to your company with new ideas and approaches.


An overview of the contents

  • Principles of lean management
  • Design principles for planning
  • Getting to ‘grips’ with the product range
  • Safety regulations
  • Ergonomic principles